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It and residence, official

It and shelter, shelter, protection against bad weather and ~ty the outside world, here it is possible to take cover, hide,to be fenced off My house my fortress.It and residence, official address, where ~ it is possible to find, where it is possible to write letters a pointin space of the social world where it is found Yes ~howl we will exchange addresses, tell to me the ~you!It and symbol of life of a family, warm house ~hectare it is sad, when the house is empty, when nobody waits for you;it is heavy to be the homeless the orphan.It embodies also idea intimate, personalspaces, dwellings human I.

A little

A little later, than a pride, the child starts to test sense of shame in cases if its actions do not justify expectations of adults, are blamed by them.It becomes a shame to the child more often, if it misspells words, is mistaken, telling a rhyme, etc.But gradually he starts to be ashamed and acts not approved by adults when to it specially point to them, shame him.In certain cases sense of shame can be so intensive that outweighs other motives and forces the child to refuse fromattractive toy or to make any other difficult act for it.,, Caught butterflies.

At first he will

It means that development of force and skills occurs at first in the head, then passes to hands and only after that development mentions a foot and a foot.The child develops the center to the periphery.At first he will learn to supervise the body and only then hands and feet.th WEEKDEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development lying on a stomach, can quickly tear off from a surface the head and a breast at the same time can make synchronous movements by hands or feet draws in hands and feet when it is lifted by Sense organs and reflexes the hvatatelny reflex dies away both hands together can connect, touch fingers of an opposite hand turning the head, Intellectual development watches object slowly moving here and there studies the person, eyes, a mouth, by means of hands stops a sosaniye, having caught soundsSocial development babbles, says separate sounds almost ceases to cry Each kid is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

As a result

The principles proclaimed in the Declaration of the rights of the child, in the different countries are carried out ambiguously.According to UNESCO, children of many countries starve.In the world a half of children under six years undereats.Children of three regions generally suffer from strong or partial shortage in a protein diet Latin America, Africa, many countries of Asia.As a result of starvation the increased child mortality is noted.Besides, protein hunger leads children to socalled general marasmus which is expressed in full apathy and an immovability of the child, loss of his contact to the outside world.

It is impossible

It is impossible to sit down on a table, and it is possible only for a table.It is impossible to movefurniture in a class if it initially was placed definitely.Here characteristic example.In the middle ~ years of group sotsialno~psikhologichesky to a Torah ~ning were at us in a novelty, as well as a way of a rassadka typical for such occupationsparticipants on chairs a circle.At the beginning of training we usually discussed value of a circle ~howl the organizations of group space as way of expression democratic princes ~ relationship of people in group equalities, opennesses towards each other etc.What should be a place of children's rest and gamesSo, limiting behavior of the adults indifferent to a consumer nose ~ children, the slope ~ does the last ~ and notny to creative transformation of the world.

When the kid attached

, will be familiar to the kid.There is something in consciousness of the child that, interesting him, pushes to acquisition of new impressions.When the kid attached knowledge to the initial impulse directing its attention to subjects of the outside world, it reached new level of relationship with the world, the new forms of interest connected any more only with an initial instinct, but also with intelligence, with achievements of reason.Yes, into basis of all new achievements of the child his mental requirements, but when the intellectual component here is added, the rush turns into the realized voluntary research.


During walks one more turns around a positive sidefeature of informative activity of the child, which in educational to a sieve ~atsiya it is perceived by teachers as its weakness.This insufficient time ~treatment by children's thinking of essential and insignificant signsobjects.Adults are trained as it is possible to allocate quicker logicallystrong concepts essential to formation signs.Childrenare equally sensitive and to weak, insignificant for logic of understanding of a situationto the details, which adults automatically reject as unnecessary andfurther them do not notice.However completeness of collection of information about object and attention to it ~by, insignificant from the point of view of formal logic, to signs ~ a basis for the creative creative, inventive thinking In practice to me only once was possible to meet deep and basic understandingthis problem at Petersburg ~ Olga Eduardovna Kulikova.

These are cards

The destroyer sees, how breaks up harmonious whole to shapeless parts … Therefore the child aged interest to words can address to grammar, stop on the analysis of separate parts of speech, following the internal processes, and gradually to master language, so, to learn to appreciate it.Grammar for us it not the book.These are cards with a noun which the kid puts on the corresponding subject if read an inscription.All of them one size, small, rectangular in the size of x, cm, but different flowers black for nouns, chestnut for adjectives, red for verbs, pink for adverbs, green for pronouns, violet for pretexts, yellow for the unions, blue for interjections and particles.

If you noticed

Defekatsiya can occur once in some days.Watch closely intestines work.Possible changes, for example too frequent chair or change of color and a consistence of excrements, decrease in appetite or a whimsical condition of the child, demand consultation of the doctor.If you noticed blood in a chair of the child, immediately contact the pediatrist or address in emergency medical service.In a chair of the child we will discuss the most frequent reasons of emergence of blood in head the th week.Accidents when using children's carrying About children annually are traumatized at stay in children's sedentary carrying.

From each

The child can move, force down the linen laid by you, to be dug in in it.Thus the oilcloth in a bed can lead to asthma of the kid.Covers.To a mattress it is necessary to have cotton covers which are precisely corresponding to its sizes.From each party the cover should come under a mattress at least on cm, differently it will slide off a mattress.A cover fix by means of outsets.Additional diapers or oilcloths over a cover do not put.Some doctors recommend, putting the child to bed, not to leave in a bed of any diapers, blankets, pillows.

Here examples

Here phrase Put a table opposite to a window.We clean a pretext.Remains Put a table … windows.Communication which existed between a table and a window, disappeared.It is important not to forget yet a rule about a pretext place in the offer always directly ahead of a noun.Here examples of phrases from which pretexts disappeared Find a box … a tree.Bring a tray … flew down.Put a counter … a box.Deliver a chair … to a door.That children understood, where there should be a pretext, it is possible to shift cards.

However as a whole

Olport, allocating ~you developments of egoism of the person, too paid attention that ~the stvleniye with own name, clothes, favourite things strengthens atthe child feeling of identity feeling of a continuity and constancyexistence itself.However as a whole a problem of how the person learns itself and ~gives the existence, leaving the trace in this world, opredmechivyitself in different types of symbolical activity, it is very manysidedand still waits for the researchers.In a context of this book for us it is importantto understand, how children of different age one by one and in whom ~ try to do itpaniya.

The gloom

We differ from similar sanctity not how the rough peasant from the refined artist, but as a corpse from the live person.We already died, without having noticed that.Secret of our life in internal sensitivity, instead of in hygiene rules.There is something more fragile, than a body, than physical existence.The gloom ruins us.Here secret of the person.If it lost light which conducted it to the best life, it falls in an abyss, is worse than an animal.Only loving all the forces gives lives.As lungs of the newborn and as easily brutal mother to deprive of the baby of air are weak! But as this crime before murder of soul which to make even easier is insignificant.

To a white

Kittens played the whole day and had fun.And when there came evenin the gray cat poured the small to kittens in saucers milk.To a white kitten, black kitten, red kitten and kitten striped.And they sawdrank up tasty milk the pink uvulas, and then told Thanks, washed and went to bed in the beds.They had small beds and round, as small baskets.Well there it was fallen down to kittens! But once in the evening when all played enough and came it is time to drink milk, the cat opened the refrigerator, looks, and milk is not present.In total came to an end.What to do After all kittens want to eat, and milk is not present.

The analysis

We can argue on the basis of the analysis of hundreds drawings of children social reactions of children are adequate to public mood and interests of adults.The analysis of children's drawings allows to estimate them as original documents of an era.§ Development of other types of productive activity Constructive activity.Designing purposeful process as a result of which a certain real product turns out.In this regard constructive activity is similar to other types of productive activity drawin a molding.At the same time designing makes specific demands.The child in the course of this activity starts to understand that for creation of this or that design it is not enough to attach any details in any order.

The similar

Within the first week of life the child cries very much.Every week of life of crying will be less and less.On the th week we will talk how to calm the kid.Seboreyny dermatitis What is it Seboreyny dermatitis is yellowishbrown crusts in the field of a hairy part of the head which appear almost at a half of newborns on the th week of life.If at your kid the head is shelled, note our recommendations.Seboreyny dermatitis can appear even on a face.The similar condition is not painful for the child.Parents are confused only by appearance of the kid.As a rule, if it is not possible to cope with dermatitis independently, the doctor can recommend ointments or the lotions containing kortikosteroidny hormones.

And though

All of them are more discharged from parents.And if first in a year and a half it only was pure physical discharge leavin , now it something other.The child understood that can solve something and itself, and make itself, and to it it is curious to check, it is possible to reach what degree of a dozvolennost.And though parents very much complain that was absolutely dismissed, it even not bad.Let such checks do not discourage you.It – too the road to understanding of the I, and at the same time and check of parents on durability.It is necessary – to play in fairy tales which accurately will show to children limits legal, and to you then it is not necessary to go on eternally the harmful no, it is impossible yes do not touch.

The girl describes

The house that was wooden, from the devil ~lump.A floor and ladder steps strongly creaked, and we felt piratesby the ship.We there played surveyed this house.The girl describes characteristic for children after ~ years ~ty the inspection of a place connected to at the same time being developedgame from the category of that are called as games with adventures.In games two main partners group of children and a landscape cooperate,opening before them the secret possibilities.Place, which than ~that involved children, prompts them subject games, thanks to that thatit details richly awakening the imagination.

Even the ticketthe

Childnow occupies not only, how in this world not an abyss, and and the world asthat its device and events occurring there.Even the ticketthe child not so simply holds in a hand, being afraid to lose, but considers ~ on it, puts the three first and three last to checksuddenly the sums will coincide and there will be to it a happiness.In the world behind a window he starts to notice a lot of things on what streets goes,what else means of transport go to the same party and that interesting ~ on the street.Houses it it is proud tells to parents that it precisely knowsthe schedule of its bus which it checked on hours that today to it ~the elk quickly to sit down on other number and to reach almost to the school, whenits bus broke.

How many normal

This intolerable nightmare reminds sufferings of the person buried alive.How many normal people suffer from similar misfortunes.They could develop, show the advantages at happy combination of circumstances, but it turns out nothing.Thousand times they thought that the frank confession will change a difficult situation, but heart is locked and the mouth is closed.As passionately they dream to talk to someone who will understand them, will support, will console! But at a meeting cannot say words.The interlocutor encourages them, asks, pushes to conversation, but the answer to it only internal melancholy.

As in the oversaturated

As in the oversaturated solution there is a crystallization point round which the chaotic weight develops in a crystal of a wonderful form, and a phenomenon of polarization of attention as if turned everything that was the chaotic child in consciousness, in the certain internal creation which is showing in each act.I reflected on essence of the person which absentmindedly slides among chaotically scattered things while one special thing will not stop his attention.The person really opens itself and feels that starts to live.


Pay attention on drawn directly on walls a body ~vizor at the left and a window on the right Why children build staffAt this stage the confidential shelter actively grows roots.Accent feather ~rushes on events in it.The group is consolidated in it ~stvo.Children are inclined to make there the actions uniting all companytogether eat, tell each other news, jokes, terrible ~riya, etc.That is in the closed and secret circle children constantly ~ also share resources food, information, emotions a cat ~ry become the general for all group.At this stage the shelter is endured as our space, where wewe lead our general secret life.

It is to kids

Looks not respectably, but to children it will be interesting and cheerful.However it is necessary to consider that children of this age differ as from monkeys, soand from small children that it are bothered quickly by movement for the sake of movement.It is to kids important development of impellent skills as those ~ measures, lifting and descent on a short flight of stairs.To children is more senior the game purpose is necessary, onto the relation to which skills are only means.Would like for them the dost ~zheniye in which interest to research of the world and ~ is materializedniya of what there whether I can It is necessary for considering in a design game ~vy objects short flights of stairs should ~ conduct on the captain's bridge,in a turret, etc.

It will help

Talk to the kid about everything more often.It will help to seize through hearing speech.The kid never will learn to tell or understand nuances of a language situation if he does not hear human speech.Other aspects of development of the newborn How to calm the child.After several unsuccessful attempts to calm the child you involuntarily will think of how it is done by other parents.First, try to swaddle the child.Secondly, try the kid to shake.Thirdly, apply easy pokhlopyvaniye on a back or area of buttocks.

What applause

What applause the audience supported them! Professors of psychiatry deleted a brain of a live pigeon or a monkey, and then if the experimental did not die, it represented on the international congresses and demanded the most sincere attention to its reactions, position of a body, activity of perception and so forth.Scientists really believed that the animal deprived of a brain, will help to understand psychology of the person! The one who thinks that it was the positivism era when did not trust, without having felt, will be struck with one deep impression mind avoids dangers, as well as spirit of the person.

The whim

Whims quite often also are a consequence of the wrong approach to the child during this period, fixing arisen an otriyetstelny forms of relationship.But the psychological nature of whims differs from crisis forms of behavior in which the child tries to approve the independence.The whim means to attract general attention to get the best of adults.Whimsical, as a rule, there are weakened children lacking initiative who cannot satisfy aspiration to selfaffirmation with other ways, in particular in communication with contemporaries.

From the early

Also find these other options.It is useful and quarrels will be less, and the daughter learns that such a compromise.But first of all to a compromise be ready you.Remember all reproaches that the child stated to you, and consider at a leisure.And most likely, you will see that in something your daughter is right.From the early childhood us with the girlfriend brought together together for all holidays parents strong were on friendly terms.And we were very different, well absolutely different, and is frequentquarreled.

– Specify

– Listen to team Charles, give it a blue bead, Mari, give it a white bead.Possessive pronounsCollective lessons The teacher explains simple gestures word meaning my, your, its, its, our, your, their and all forms of a sort and number.Then gives orders.– Specify subjects about which it is possible to tell here my writingbook, this your writingbook, its writingbook that.– Specify a place about which it is possible to tell here its place, here my place, here your place.– Distribute baskets, speaking here my basket.It is whose basket It is your basket It is yoursbasket– Let's walk on a class, and now we will take our places you will take your places, they will borrowthe places.

So, when

The child does not invent storing and pripominaniye receptions itself.They in this or that form are prompted to it by adults.So, when the adult, for example, gives to the child an assignment then suggests it to repeat.Asking the child about somethin the adult directs a pripominaniye questions And what was then; And what you still saw the animals similar to horses, Etc.the Child gradually learns to repeat, comprehend, connect a material with a view of storin to use communications at a pripominaniye.

With ~temporary

which as much as possible laid down ~to also it can be fully acquired by the vospituyemy.In this we will consider, how model formation beginsthe world at small children from the birth till three years and from three years to five.With ~temporary parents often at all do not imagine formidability of volumethat internal work which is made during this period by the child that ~to order the ideas of the world.Therefore on two ~ the world in lullabies songs and drawings of small childrenny examples we will get acquainted with two parties of this process.~at la we will look, as the help can be carried out from adultsand as it can be retold the world outlook matter in the text, ~shchenny to the small child.

Volodya's appearance

Volodya's appearance which was appeared a powerful pushbird of the manumission [] knew that such this world that such pleasurefriendship, courage, free game in which everyone is free to invent thevariations [] knew that such a lilac behind a fence or attracting apple [] knewdelightful property of the money approaching to you charming things[] knew a smell of a wild elder and as from it to do guns, and from usual a watermelon ~ache crusts ringing zaryazhalka[] knew, how in a lilac to look for happiness []knew pensiveness and mysteriousness of happiness.

In communication

The baby very much is early entered into a situation of communication with adults.In communication the orientation of one person on identity of other person is always shown.In communication there is an interaction of participants of communication, influence of everyone assumes reciprocal action of another and internally on it is calculated.Research of behavior of children from first weeks of life showed that at first after the birth the need for communication with surrounding people at the baby is absent.

If it overeats

Keeping the health, it should eat only that corresponds to internal requirements of its organism.If it overeats or will eat something improper, unappropriated for food, poisonous, feels worse, will poison, will fall ill.As a result of studying of a food of the child during the grudnichkovy period and in the first years of life there was a hygiene of a food of adult people, idea of dangers which did not notice, yet did not understand, how it is correct to feed the baby.The same occurs and to consciousness.At the adult it is much more difficult, than at the child, but there is a dependence between natural requirement and food for mind.

Air temperature

Put the child in a bed on a back.If the child rather bi it independently chooses situation for a dream.Air temperature in a room should be °.Try to avoid soft mattresses, down pillows and blankets the child can bury in them and choke.Use the certificated children's mattresses.Never leave the child of one if it is on a sofa or a sofa.The kid can sweep and fall to a floor at any time.Even if the child is not able to turn over yet, that, making a start legs about a sofa surface, it can appear at a dangerous boundary.

Aged ~ years

I hope that many readers will remember halfforgotten eventsown childhood.On this way we will have two main tasks to describe live ~the nost of children's experience of communication with environment and to try to answeron a question why all this from the point of view of psychology.Let's look at first as absolutely small children behave on walk.Aged ~ years the child gradually starts to adjustown, individualno~lichny relations with interesting it ~weary out of door.On the road to it the beautiful floret, ~ can meetyushchy fro worm, pool.The interest to them child instantly ~ in action a flower to break, a frog to catch etc.

Here only

The principle of harmonious early development is very simple to create such situations and such incentives in which it would be necessary to the kid on all coil to use and strain the creative mind.Fairy tales, of course, not absolute panacea, but in many respects they will help.Here only a few examples as it is possible to developtrain the child, without creating thus problems neither to it, nor.I love summer, because hot, autumn – because luzhno, in the winter I like to go for a drive on a sledge, and in the spring a fur coat to remove.Here.I am a fan the universal! The kid all interests on light.And our task – to support this curious interest.

As we already

Removed housin the last years spent with a family in number guests ~Nice in Switzerland.On a question of the journalist why did not get actually ~ dwellings, after all means allowed answered that the real house, such,as in the childhood not to create any more, and another it is not necessary.As we already told, in the parental house for the child can be ~ all.Happens the floor on which there lives a family is important.It defines ~stub of proximity to the earth, width of an opening panorama, difficulty ~ to the apartment, some fears of children and adults.Openness of the house in communication with the outside world that can ~ is important also as in quantity and degree of a zanaveshennost of windows, and in possibilityarrival of friends and guests.

These exercises

He learned not only to divide, but also deeply got into an essence of the operation, each its detail, probably, better, than the pupils of the high school who are mechanically repeating learned actions.Numerical exercises Multiplication, division When the child by means of our materials understood idea of four main arithmetic actions and learned to do them in mind, nothing prevents to deepen knowledge, probably, even to approach to level of high school.These exercises at the same time serve and for repetition of the acquaintance, and for a cognizance new.They allow to spend time pleasantly at school and at home.One of the first exercises is further work with Pifagor's table multiplication in mind, without the aid of material subjects.

The phase

After a preparatory phase the execution phase a jump which represents practical, working action follows.The phase of a primerivaniye, orientation in the conditions of performance of a jump is especially brightly expressed at children who yet have not learned properly to jump.So, the twoyear kid, standing on a step, long squats and looks down, sentencing As I ! and then, without having decided, turns on degrees and slowly slips on the earth.At children of more advanced age in habitual conditions the rough phase is curtailed, i.

Its smile

Very often he calls you for game by trills.If the child a long time is one, he can start to be capricious.It needs attention and interaction.Its smile means now that he recognized you and is very glad to see.Often the child smiles in reply to your smile.In spite of the fact that the kid smiles to many people, it gives preference only to you.Its smile means now that he recognized you and is very glad to see.He talks to you You can be surprised, when the child, looking at you, will say some syllables in a row.It has a speech formation.The kid tries to say independently sounds of your language available to it.

However we are occupied

However we are occupied by something more important.How hundreds and thousands scientists of the whole world accepted blindly Laveran's mistake Why nobody appeared rather independent independently to study a problem That for inertiamind Why it arises at people All these followers did not make out a problem lying directly at them near by because it was not solved yet.Certainly, they had no presentiment of glory, progress, the benefit for the mankind connected with the solution of this problem if the obstacle stopped their thought, having told Solve me! They it is indifferent passed by, applauding Laveran's ingenious decision, repeating behind it These are degenerate forms.

Without straining

Kittens were delighted and began to drink up milk the pink uvulas.And then got into the beds – small baskets.Were curtailed balls – also fell asleep.Well, and what sense in such fairy tale, – someone will tell.Very much even big sense.Without straining at all and, the main thin without straining the child you can give it many knowledge.And possibilities to practice.Check the readiness.Be trained, tell to that To that I can teach the child, telling this and similar the fairy tale Write down the answer.And now we will answer also.Similar selfmade fairy tales – an outline on which you can to embroider own patterns.

I consider

The real experimental science, basis of the pedagogics releasing the child from slavery, was not born yet, but there will be by all means after the numerous researches concerning sufferings of tortured children as the chemistry arose after alchemy, and the real medicine after empirical medicine of the past.I consider important to give here opinion of one person which, having left mathematics, addressed to biology and experimental psychology.I speak about the English engineer who was mistaken concerning the callin but the last two years devoted to studying of my technique and come back to native university as the student of faculty of biology.

Though, as we will

However, it is necessaryto consider that all material described above was accurate Hert at ~vaniya of inhabitants of the tiny American provincial small town.To ~nechno, the territorial behavior of inhabitants of the big city will havethe features.Though, as we will see later, there is a lot of real a basis ~niya to argue that R.Hert precisely caught important regularities of the children'sterritorial behavior.For the characteristic of the territory mastered by animals or the person,three base concepts are usually used borders, ways and places.In them the main aspects of territorial behavior are reflected.

So step

Before truth the scientist is ready to reject everything that to it contradicts.So step by step it is released from errors and keeps consciousness clear, pure, as truth from which he wants to merge.Whether not therefore to the children's doctor much more respect and trust, than to the school teacher The doctor looks for truth in changes of a physical condition of the sick child.The teacher fills with mistakes children's soul.What would become, if the teacher looked for truth in soul of the child What incomparable pride! To rise by this height, the teacher should go by humility, selfrenunciation, patience, to destroy pride, having towered over emptiness of vanity.


The AV crosssection line represents a rest condition.Above it order manifestations works, below a disorder.When the child has a rest after the first serious hobby for work, it can keep in itselfhimself an order.Exactly it is so possible to see the best conditions for work.Primary curve of the ordered workHere is how it passes.It is an individual model of the morning disciplined work.The child remains in rest any time, then chooses easy work for itself, in this case plates for distinction of flowers.He is engaged in it not too long and passes to more difficult material, to drawing up of words of the mobile alphabet, and gives it a lot of time nearhalf an hour.


Each type of standards represents not simply a set of separate samples, and system, in which version of this property are located in this or that sequence, anyway grouped and differ on strictly certain signs.Assimilation by preschool children of touch standards begins with that children get acquainted with separate geometrical figures and flowers according to the kindergarten program.Such acquaintance occurs mainly in the course of mastering by different types of productive activity.Even if the child specially do not train to allocate the versions of the properties corresponding to the standard standards, a material with which the preschool child acts when drawin designin a vykladyvaniye of a mosaic, application, contains necessary samples.

Usually normal

The child wants to show a maximum of the achievements, but atit not to be traumatized.Usually normal children well feel thelimit.Worse feel it ~ and psychopaths they or it is excessiveare timid, or, on the contrary, are deprived of sense of danger.All the year round.Russian agricultural calendar..A.F.not Krylov.M, That can learn on an ice slopeOn a hill ability of the child to invent for itself everything is brightly shownnew and new tasks and by that to do a constant contribution to enrichmentsituations.The child so prolongs the communication with game object in on ~shy case with a hill also turns it into a source of personal development.

But equally

To learn to be the passenger it means to face with new ~hologichesky tasks which it is necessary independently despite guardianshipand protection of the accompanying adult to solve under way.Therefore situations,arising during trips in public transport, often camp ~ the litmus piece of paper showing personal problems of the child.But equally these situations give to the child the most valuable experience going on systems ~telstvo of its personality.The whole class of such situations is connected with opening new to the childthat in a public place each person is object ~alny perception of other people.

Tactile contact

And still try to touch the child as much as possible.Tactile contact is very important for the growingup person It creates feeling of safety at the child and return is adjusted communication with the world, and on a tender basis.The care, attention at early age influence that, there is a child courageous or nervous, timid; and not only on it.In effect, from it all relation of the young person to life depends.If, for example, the child did not have enough embraces, in the future easily can arise any behavioural problems.Children learn the world not how we.Adults rely on hearing and sight and generally only to them trust.


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