Exactly The AV crosssection line represents a rest condition.

Above it order manifestations works, below a disorder.

When the child has a rest after the first serious hobby for work, it can keep in itselfhimself an order.

Exactly it is so possible to see the best conditions for work.

Primary curve of the ordered workHere is how it passes.

It is an individual model of the morning disciplined work.

The child remains in rest any time, then chooses easy work for itself, in this case plates for distinction of flowers.

He is engaged in it not too long and passes to more difficult material, to drawing up of words of the mobile alphabet, and gives it a lot of time nearhalf an hour.

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Assimilation Each type of standards represents not simply a set of separate samples, and system, in which version of this property are located in this or that sequence, anyway grouped and differ on strictly certain signs.

Assimilation by preschool children of touch standards begins with that children get acquainted with separate geometrical figures and flowers according to the kindergarten program.

Such acquaintance occurs mainly in the course of mastering by different types of productive activity.

Even if the child specially do not train to allocate the versions of the properties corresponding to the standard standards, a material with which the preschool child acts when drawin designin a vykladyvaniye of a mosaic, application, contains necessary samples.

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Usually normal

Usually normal The child wants to show a maximum of the achievements, but atit not to be traumatized.

Usually normal children well feel thelimit.

Worse feel it ~ and psychopaths they or it is excessiveare timid, or, on the contrary, are deprived of sense of danger.

All the year round.

Russian agricultural calendar.




not Krylov.

M, That can learn on an ice slopeOn a hill ability of the child to invent for itself everything is brightly shownnew and new tasks and by that to do a constant contribution to enrichmentsituations.

The child so prolongs the communication with game object in on ~shy case with a hill also turns it into a source of personal development.

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But equally

But equally To learn to be the passenger it means to face with new ~hologichesky tasks which it is necessary independently despite guardianshipand protection of the accompanying adult to solve under way.

Therefore situations,arising during trips in public transport, often camp ~ the litmus piece of paper showing personal problems of the child.

But equally these situations give to the child the most valuable experience going on systems ~telstvo of its personality.

The whole class of such situations is connected with opening new to the childthat in a public place each person is object ~alny perception of other people.

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Tactile contact

Tactile contact And still try to touch the child as much as possible.

Tactile contact is very important for the growingup person It creates feeling of safety at the child and return is adjusted communication with the world, and on a tender basis.

The care, attention at early age influence that, there is a child courageous or nervous, timid; and not only on it.

In effect, from it all relation of the young person to life depends.

If, for example, the child did not have enough embraces, in the future easily can arise any behavioural problems.

Children learn the world not how we.

Adults rely on hearing and sight and generally only to them trust.

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