However we are occupied

However we are occupied However we are occupied by something more important.

How hundreds and thousands scientists of the whole world accepted blindly Laveran's mistake Why nobody appeared rather independent independently to study a problem That for inertiamind Why it arises at people All these followers did not make out a problem lying directly at them near by because it was not solved yet.

Certainly, they had no presentiment of glory, progress, the benefit for the mankind connected with the solution of this problem if the obstacle stopped their thought, having told Solve me! They it is indifferent passed by, applauding Laveran's ingenious decision, repeating behind it These are degenerate forms.

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Without straining

Without straining Kittens were delighted and began to drink up milk the pink uvulas.

And then got into the beds – small baskets.

Were curtailed balls – also fell asleep.

Well, and what sense in such fairy tale, – someone will tell.

Very much even big sense.

Without straining at all and, the main thin without straining the child you can give it many knowledge.

And possibilities to practice.

Check the readiness.

Be trained, tell to that To that I can teach the child, telling this and similar the fairy tale Write down the answer.

And now we will answer also.

Similar selfmade fairy tales – an outline on which you can to embroider own patterns.

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I consider

I consider The real experimental science, basis of the pedagogics releasing the child from slavery, was not born yet, but there will be by all means after the numerous researches concerning sufferings of tortured children as the chemistry arose after alchemy, and the real medicine after empirical medicine of the past.

I consider important to give here opinion of one person which, having left mathematics, addressed to biology and experimental psychology.

I speak about the English engineer who was mistaken concerning the callin but the last two years devoted to studying of my technique and come back to native university as the student of faculty of biology.

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Though, as we will

Though, as we will However, it is necessaryto consider that all material described above was accurate Hert at ~vaniya of inhabitants of the tiny American provincial small town.

To ~nechno, the territorial behavior of inhabitants of the big city will havethe features.

Though, as we will see later, there is a lot of real a basis ~niya to argue that R.

Hert precisely caught important regularities of the children'sterritorial behavior.

For the characteristic of the territory mastered by animals or the person,three base concepts are usually used borders, ways and places.

In them the main aspects of territorial behavior are reflected.

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So step

So step Before truth the scientist is ready to reject everything that to it contradicts.

So step by step it is released from errors and keeps consciousness clear, pure, as truth from which he wants to merge.

Whether not therefore to the children's doctor much more respect and trust, than to the school teacher The doctor looks for truth in changes of a physical condition of the sick child.

The teacher fills with mistakes children's soul.

What would become, if the teacher looked for truth in soul of the child What incomparable pride! To rise by this height, the teacher should go by humility, selfrenunciation, patience, to destroy pride, having towered over emptiness of vanity.

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