Here only

Here only The principle of harmonious early development is very simple to create such situations and such incentives in which it would be necessary to the kid on all coil to use and strain the creative mind.

Fairy tales, of course, not absolute panacea, but in many respects they will help.

Here only a few examples as it is possible to developtrain the child, without creating thus problems neither to it, nor.

I love summer, because hot, autumn – because luzhno, in the winter I like to go for a drive on a sledge, and in the spring a fur coat to remove.


I am a fan the universal! The kid all interests on light.

And our task – to support this curious interest.

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As we already

As we already Removed housin the last years spent with a family in number guests ~Nice in Switzerland.

On a question of the journalist why did not get actually ~ dwellings, after all means allowed answered that the real house, such,as in the childhood not to create any more, and another it is not necessary.

As we already told, in the parental house for the child can be ~ all.

Happens the floor on which there lives a family is important.

It defines ~stub of proximity to the earth, width of an opening panorama, difficulty ~ to the apartment, some fears of children and adults.

Openness of the house in communication with the outside world that can ~ is important also as in quantity and degree of a zanaveshennost of windows, and in possibilityarrival of friends and guests.

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These exercises

These exercises He learned not only to divide, but also deeply got into an essence of the operation, each its detail, probably, better, than the pupils of the high school who are mechanically repeating learned actions.

Numerical exercises Multiplication, division When the child by means of our materials understood idea of four main arithmetic actions and learned to do them in mind, nothing prevents to deepen knowledge, probably, even to approach to level of high school.

These exercises at the same time serve and for repetition of the acquaintance, and for a cognizance new.

They allow to spend time pleasantly at school and at home.

One of the first exercises is further work with Pifagor's table multiplication in mind, without the aid of material subjects.

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The phase

The phase After a preparatory phase the execution phase a jump which represents practical, working action follows.

The phase of a primerivaniye, orientation in the conditions of performance of a jump is especially brightly expressed at children who yet have not learned properly to jump.

So, the twoyear kid, standing on a step, long squats and looks down, sentencing As I ! and then, without having decided, turns on degrees and slowly slips on the earth.

At children of more advanced age in habitual conditions the rough phase is curtailed, i.

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Its smile

Its smile Very often he calls you for game by trills.

If the child a long time is one, he can start to be capricious.

It needs attention and interaction.

Its smile means now that he recognized you and is very glad to see.

Often the child smiles in reply to your smile.

In spite of the fact that the kid smiles to many people, it gives preference only to you.

Its smile means now that he recognized you and is very glad to see.

He talks to you You can be surprised, when the child, looking at you, will say some syllables in a row.

It has a speech formation.

The kid tries to say independently sounds of your language available to it.

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