Volodya's appearance

Volodya's appearance Volodya's appearance which was appeared a powerful pushbird of the manumission [] knew that such this world that such pleasurefriendship, courage, free game in which everyone is free to invent thevariations [] knew that such a lilac behind a fence or attracting apple [] knewdelightful property of the money approaching to you charming things[] knew a smell of a wild elder and as from it to do guns, and from usual a watermelon ~ache crusts ringing zaryazhalka[] knew, how in a lilac to look for happiness []knew pensiveness and mysteriousness of happiness.

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In communication

In communication The baby very much is early entered into a situation of communication with adults.

In communication the orientation of one person on identity of other person is always shown.

In communication there is an interaction of participants of communication, influence of everyone assumes reciprocal action of another and internally on it is calculated.

Research of behavior of children from first weeks of life showed that at first after the birth the need for communication with surrounding people at the baby is absent.

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If it overeats

If it overeats Keeping the health, it should eat only that corresponds to internal requirements of its organism.

If it overeats or will eat something improper, unappropriated for food, poisonous, feels worse, will poison, will fall ill.

As a result of studying of a food of the child during the grudnichkovy period and in the first years of life there was a hygiene of a food of adult people, idea of dangers which did not notice, yet did not understand, how it is correct to feed the baby.

The same occurs and to consciousness.

At the adult it is much more difficult, than at the child, but there is a dependence between natural requirement and food for mind.

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Air temperature

Air temperature Put the child in a bed on a back.

If the child rather bi it independently chooses situation for a dream.

Air temperature in a room should be °.

Try to avoid soft mattresses, down pillows and blankets the child can bury in them and choke.

Use the certificated children's mattresses.

Never leave the child of one if it is on a sofa or a sofa.

The kid can sweep and fall to a floor at any time.

Even if the child is not able to turn over yet, that, making a start legs about a sofa surface, it can appear at a dangerous boundary.

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Aged ~ years

Aged ~ years I hope that many readers will remember halfforgotten eventsown childhood.

On this way we will have two main tasks to describe live ~the nost of children's experience of communication with environment and to try to answeron a question why all this from the point of view of psychology.

Let's look at first as absolutely small children behave on walk.

Aged ~ years the child gradually starts to adjustown, individualno~lichny relations with interesting it ~weary out of door.

On the road to it the beautiful floret, ~ can meetyushchy fro worm, pool.

The interest to them child instantly ~ in action a flower to break, a frog to catch etc.

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