The whim

The whim Whims quite often also are a consequence of the wrong approach to the child during this period, fixing arisen an otriyetstelny forms of relationship.

But the psychological nature of whims differs from crisis forms of behavior in which the child tries to approve the independence.

The whim means to attract general attention to get the best of adults.

Whimsical, as a rule, there are weakened children lacking initiative who cannot satisfy aspiration to selfaffirmation with other ways, in particular in communication with contemporaries.

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From the early

From the early Also find these other options.

It is useful and quarrels will be less, and the daughter learns that such a compromise.

But first of all to a compromise be ready you.

Remember all reproaches that the child stated to you, and consider at a leisure.

And most likely, you will see that in something your daughter is right.

From the early childhood us with the girlfriend brought together together for all holidays parents strong were on friendly terms.

And we were very different, well absolutely different, and is frequentquarreled.

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– Specify

– Specify– Listen to team Charles, give it a blue bead, Mari, give it a white bead.

Possessive pronounsCollective lessons The teacher explains simple gestures word meaning my, your, its, its, our, your, their and all forms of a sort and number.

Then gives orders.

– Specify subjects about which it is possible to tell here my writingbook, this your writingbook, its writingbook that.

– Specify a place about which it is possible to tell here its place, here my place, here your place.

– Distribute baskets, speaking here my basket.

It is whose basket It is your basket It is yoursbasket– Let's walk on a class, and now we will take our places you will take your places, they will borrowthe places.

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So, when

So, when The child does not invent storing and pripominaniye receptions itself.

They in this or that form are prompted to it by adults.

So, when the adult, for example, gives to the child an assignment then suggests it to repeat.

Asking the child about somethin the adult directs a pripominaniye questions And what was then; And what you still saw the animals similar to horses, Etc.

the Child gradually learns to repeat, comprehend, connect a material with a view of storin to use communications at a pripominaniye.

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With ~temporary

With ~temporary which as much as possible laid down ~to also it can be fully acquired by the vospituyemy.

In this we will consider, how model formation beginsthe world at small children from the birth till three years and from three years to five.

With ~temporary parents often at all do not imagine formidability of volumethat internal work which is made during this period by the child that ~to order the ideas of the world.

Therefore on two ~ the world in lullabies songs and drawings of small childrenny examples we will get acquainted with two parties of this process.

~at la we will look, as the help can be carried out from adultsand as it can be retold the world outlook matter in the text, ~shchenny to the small child.

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