As in the oversaturated

As in the oversaturated As in the oversaturated solution there is a crystallization point round which the chaotic weight develops in a crystal of a wonderful form, and a phenomenon of polarization of attention as if turned everything that was the chaotic child in consciousness, in the certain internal creation which is showing in each act.

I reflected on essence of the person which absentmindedly slides among chaotically scattered things while one special thing will not stop his attention.

The person really opens itself and feels that starts to live.

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Children Pay attention on drawn directly on walls a body ~vizor at the left and a window on the right Why children build staffAt this stage the confidential shelter actively grows roots.

Accent feather ~rushes on events in it.

The group is consolidated in it ~stvo.

Children are inclined to make there the actions uniting all companytogether eat, tell each other news, jokes, terrible ~riya, etc.

That is in the closed and secret circle children constantly ~ also share resources food, information, emotions a cat ~ry become the general for all group.

At this stage the shelter is endured as our space, where wewe lead our general secret life.

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It is to kids

It is to kids Looks not respectably, but to children it will be interesting and cheerful.

However it is necessary to consider that children of this age differ as from monkeys, soand from small children that it are bothered quickly by movement for the sake of movement.

It is to kids important development of impellent skills as those ~ measures, lifting and descent on a short flight of stairs.

To children is more senior the game purpose is necessary, onto the relation to which skills are only means.

Would like for them the dost ~zheniye in which interest to research of the world and ~ is materializedniya of what there whether I can It is necessary for considering in a design game ~vy objects short flights of stairs should ~ conduct on the captain's bridge,in a turret, etc.

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It will help

It will help Talk to the kid about everything more often.

It will help to seize through hearing speech.

The kid never will learn to tell or understand nuances of a language situation if he does not hear human speech.

Other aspects of development of the newborn How to calm the child.

After several unsuccessful attempts to calm the child you involuntarily will think of how it is done by other parents.

First, try to swaddle the child.

Secondly, try the kid to shake.

Thirdly, apply easy pokhlopyvaniye on a back or area of buttocks.

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What applause

What applause What applause the audience supported them! Professors of psychiatry deleted a brain of a live pigeon or a monkey, and then if the experimental did not die, it represented on the international congresses and demanded the most sincere attention to its reactions, position of a body, activity of perception and so forth.

Scientists really believed that the animal deprived of a brain, will help to understand psychology of the person! The one who thinks that it was the positivism era when did not trust, without having felt, will be struck with one deep impression mind avoids dangers, as well as spirit of the person.

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