The similar

The similar Within the first week of life the child cries very much.

Every week of life of crying will be less and less.

On the th week we will talk how to calm the kid.

Seboreyny dermatitis What is it Seboreyny dermatitis is yellowishbrown crusts in the field of a hairy part of the head which appear almost at a half of newborns on the th week of life.

If at your kid the head is shelled, note our recommendations.

Seboreyny dermatitis can appear even on a face.

The similar condition is not painful for the child.

Parents are confused only by appearance of the kid.

As a rule, if it is not possible to cope with dermatitis independently, the doctor can recommend ointments or the lotions containing kortikosteroidny hormones.

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And though

And though All of them are more discharged from parents.

And if first in a year and a half it only was pure physical discharge leavin , now it something other.

The child understood that can solve something and itself, and make itself, and to it it is curious to check, it is possible to reach what degree of a dozvolennost.

And though parents very much complain that was absolutely dismissed, it even not bad.

Let such checks do not discourage you.

It – too the road to understanding of the I, and at the same time and check of parents on durability.

It is necessary – to play in fairy tales which accurately will show to children limits legal, and to you then it is not necessary to go on eternally the harmful no, it is impossible yes do not touch.

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The girl describes

The girl describes The house that was wooden, from the devil ~lump.

A floor and ladder steps strongly creaked, and we felt piratesby the ship.

We there played surveyed this house.

The girl describes characteristic for children after ~ years ~ty the inspection of a place connected to at the same time being developedgame from the category of that are called as games with adventures.

In games two main partners group of children and a landscape cooperate,opening before them the secret possibilities.

Place, which than ~that involved children, prompts them subject games, thanks to that thatit details richly awakening the imagination.

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Even the ticketthe

Even the ticketthe Childnow occupies not only, how in this world not an abyss, and and the world asthat its device and events occurring there.

Even the ticketthe child not so simply holds in a hand, being afraid to lose, but considers ~ on it, puts the three first and three last to checksuddenly the sums will coincide and there will be to it a happiness.

In the world behind a window he starts to notice a lot of things on what streets goes,what else means of transport go to the same party and that interesting ~ on the street.

Houses it it is proud tells to parents that it precisely knowsthe schedule of its bus which it checked on hours that today to it ~the elk quickly to sit down on other number and to reach almost to the school, whenits bus broke.

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How many normal

How many normal This intolerable nightmare reminds sufferings of the person buried alive.

How many normal people suffer from similar misfortunes.

They could develop, show the advantages at happy combination of circumstances, but it turns out nothing.

Thousand times they thought that the frank confession will change a difficult situation, but heart is locked and the mouth is closed.

As passionately they dream to talk to someone who will understand them, will support, will console! But at a meeting cannot say words.

The interlocutor encourages them, asks, pushes to conversation, but the answer to it only internal melancholy.

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