Here examples

Here examples Here phrase Put a table opposite to a window.

We clean a pretext.

Remains Put a table … windows.

Communication which existed between a table and a window, disappeared.

It is important not to forget yet a rule about a pretext place in the offer always directly ahead of a noun.

Here examples of phrases from which pretexts disappeared Find a box … a tree.

Bring a tray … flew down.

Put a counter … a box.

Deliver a chair … to a door.

That children understood, where there should be a pretext, it is possible to shift cards.

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However as a whole

However as a whole Olport, allocating ~you developments of egoism of the person, too paid attention that ~the stvleniye with own name, clothes, favourite things strengthens atthe child feeling of identity feeling of a continuity and constancyexistence itself.

However as a whole a problem of how the person learns itself and ~gives the existence, leaving the trace in this world, opredmechivyitself in different types of symbolical activity, it is very manysidedand still waits for the researchers.

In a context of this book for us it is importantto understand, how children of different age one by one and in whom ~ try to do itpaniya.

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The gloom

The gloom We differ from similar sanctity not how the rough peasant from the refined artist, but as a corpse from the live person.

We already died, without having noticed that.

Secret of our life in internal sensitivity, instead of in hygiene rules.

There is something more fragile, than a body, than physical existence.

The gloom ruins us.

Here secret of the person.

If it lost light which conducted it to the best life, it falls in an abyss, is worse than an animal.

Only loving all the forces gives lives.

As lungs of the newborn and as easily brutal mother to deprive of the baby of air are weak! But as this crime before murder of soul which to make even easier is insignificant.

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To a white

To a white Kittens played the whole day and had fun.

And when there came evenin the gray cat poured the small to kittens in saucers milk.

To a white kitten, black kitten, red kitten and kitten striped.

And they sawdrank up tasty milk the pink uvulas, and then told Thanks, washed and went to bed in the beds.

They had small beds and round, as small baskets.

Well there it was fallen down to kittens! But once in the evening when all played enough and came it is time to drink milk, the cat opened the refrigerator, looks, and milk is not present.

In total came to an end.

What to do After all kittens want to eat, and milk is not present.

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The analysis

The analysis We can argue on the basis of the analysis of hundreds drawings of children social reactions of children are adequate to public mood and interests of adults.

The analysis of children's drawings allows to estimate them as original documents of an era.

§ Development of other types of productive activity Constructive activity.

Designing purposeful process as a result of which a certain real product turns out.

In this regard constructive activity is similar to other types of productive activity drawin a molding.

At the same time designing makes specific demands.

The child in the course of this activity starts to understand that for creation of this or that design it is not enough to attach any details in any order.

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