When the kid attached

When the kid attached, will be familiar to the kid.

There is something in consciousness of the child that, interesting him, pushes to acquisition of new impressions.

When the kid attached knowledge to the initial impulse directing its attention to subjects of the outside world, it reached new level of relationship with the world, the new forms of interest connected any more only with an initial instinct, but also with intelligence, with achievements of reason.

Yes, into basis of all new achievements of the child his mental requirements, but when the intellectual component here is added, the rush turns into the realized voluntary research.

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ChildrenareDuring walks one more turns around a positive sidefeature of informative activity of the child, which in educational to a sieve ~atsiya it is perceived by teachers as its weakness.

This insufficient time ~treatment by children's thinking of essential and insignificant signsobjects.

Adults are trained as it is possible to allocate quicker logicallystrong concepts essential to formation signs.

Childrenare equally sensitive and to weak, insignificant for logic of understanding of a situationto the details, which adults automatically reject as unnecessary andfurther them do not notice.

However completeness of collection of information about object and attention to it ~by, insignificant from the point of view of formal logic, to signs ~ a basis for the creative creative, inventive thinking In practice to me only once was possible to meet deep and basic understandingthis problem at Petersburg ~ Olga Eduardovna Kulikova.

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These are cards

These are cards The destroyer sees, how breaks up harmonious whole to shapeless parts … Therefore the child aged interest to words can address to grammar, stop on the analysis of separate parts of speech, following the internal processes, and gradually to master language, so, to learn to appreciate it.

Grammar for us it not the book.

These are cards with a noun which the kid puts on the corresponding subject if read an inscription.

All of them one size, small, rectangular in the size of x, cm, but different flowers black for nouns, chestnut for adjectives, red for verbs, pink for adverbs, green for pronouns, violet for pretexts, yellow for the unions, blue for interjections and particles.

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If you noticed

If you noticed Defekatsiya can occur once in some days.

Watch closely intestines work.

Possible changes, for example too frequent chair or change of color and a consistence of excrements, decrease in appetite or a whimsical condition of the child, demand consultation of the doctor.

If you noticed blood in a chair of the child, immediately contact the pediatrist or address in emergency medical service.

In a chair of the child we will discuss the most frequent reasons of emergence of blood in head the th week.

Accidents when using children's carrying About children annually are traumatized at stay in children's sedentary carrying.

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From each

From each The child can move, force down the linen laid by you, to be dug in in it.

Thus the oilcloth in a bed can lead to asthma of the kid.


To a mattress it is necessary to have cotton covers which are precisely corresponding to its sizes.

From each party the cover should come under a mattress at least on cm, differently it will slide off a mattress.

A cover fix by means of outsets.

Additional diapers or oilcloths over a cover do not put.

Some doctors recommend, putting the child to bed, not to leave in a bed of any diapers, blankets, pillows.

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