ChildrenareDuring walks one more turns around a positive sidefeature of informative activity of the child, which in educational to a sieve ~atsiya it is perceived by teachers as its weakness.

This insufficient time ~treatment by children's thinking of essential and insignificant signsobjects.

Adults are trained as it is possible to allocate quicker logicallystrong concepts essential to formation signs.

Childrenare equally sensitive and to weak, insignificant for logic of understanding of a situationto the details, which adults automatically reject as unnecessary andfurther them do not notice.

However completeness of collection of information about object and attention to it ~by, insignificant from the point of view of formal logic, to signs ~ a basis for the creative creative, inventive thinking In practice to me only once was possible to meet deep and basic understandingthis problem at Petersburg ~ Olga Eduardovna Kulikova.

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