It and residence, official

It and residence, officialIt and shelter, shelter, protection against bad weather and ~ty the outside world, here it is possible to take cover, hide,to be fenced off My house my fortress.

It and residence, official address, where ~ it is possible to find, where it is possible to write letters a pointin space of the social world where it is found Yes ~howl we will exchange addresses, tell to me the ~you!It and symbol of life of a family, warm house ~hectare it is sad, when the house is empty, when nobody waits for you;it is heavy to be the homeless the orphan.

It embodies also idea intimate, personalspaces, dwellings human I.

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A little

A little A little later, than a pride, the child starts to test sense of shame in cases if its actions do not justify expectations of adults, are blamed by them.

It becomes a shame to the child more often, if it misspells words, is mistaken, telling a rhyme, etc.

But gradually he starts to be ashamed and acts not approved by adults when to it specially point to them, shame him.

In certain cases sense of shame can be so intensive that outweighs other motives and forces the child to refuse fromattractive toy or to make any other difficult act for it.

,, Caught butterflies.

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At first he will

At first he will It means that development of force and skills occurs at first in the head, then passes to hands and only after that development mentions a foot and a foot.

The child develops the center to the periphery.

At first he will learn to supervise the body and only then hands and feet.

th WEEKDEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development lying on a stomach, can quickly tear off from a surface the head and a breast at the same time can make synchronous movements by hands or feet draws in hands and feet when it is lifted by Sense organs and reflexes the hvatatelny reflex dies away both hands together can connect, touch fingers of an opposite hand turning the head, Intellectual development watches object slowly moving here and there studies the person, eyes, a mouth, by means of hands stops a sosaniye, having caught soundsSocial development babbles, says separate sounds almost ceases to cry Each kid is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

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As a result

As a result The principles proclaimed in the Declaration of the rights of the child, in the different countries are carried out ambiguously.

According to UNESCO, children of many countries starve.

In the world a half of children under six years undereats.

Children of three regions generally suffer from strong or partial shortage in a protein diet Latin America, Africa, many countries of Asia.

As a result of starvation the increased child mortality is noted.

Besides, protein hunger leads children to socalled general marasmus which is expressed in full apathy and an immovability of the child, loss of his contact to the outside world.

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It is impossible

It is impossible It is impossible to sit down on a table, and it is possible only for a table.

It is impossible to movefurniture in a class if it initially was placed definitely.

Here characteristic example.

In the middle ~ years of group sotsialno~psikhologichesky to a Torah ~ning were at us in a novelty, as well as a way of a rassadka typical for such occupationsparticipants on chairs a circle.

At the beginning of training we usually discussed value of a circle ~howl the organizations of group space as way of expression democratic princes ~ relationship of people in group equalities, opennesses towards each other etc.

What should be a place of children's rest and gamesSo, limiting behavior of the adults indifferent to a consumer nose ~ children, the slope ~ does the last ~ and notny to creative transformation of the world.

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